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LBW Fundraisers

We hold major fundraising events each year. The LBW Fashion Show in the fall is one of our most popular events. Our fundraisers allow our organization to fulfill our mission of empowering women in business through education, advocacy, and awareness.


For 61 years, the Lawton Business Women have hosted an annual Fashion Show, our largest fundraiser to benefit the LBW scholarship and advocacy programs.

However, in light of the challenges that we now face as a community, Lawton Business Women has decided to cancel our annual Fashion Show for Fall 2020.

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the financial status of our loyal donors we cannot in good conscience ask them to support this cause. We are all facing a critical time in which every dollar must be focused on financial survival and business recovery. As Lawton Business Women we strive to be leaders in our community in every way possible. We strongly support and hope for the success of our local businesses.

We also care about the individuals in our community who attend this fun event. This is a unique time in our world, and we do not want our community members to be placed in any undue risk.

The Lawton Business Women’s Fashion Show will continue at some point in time. Our mission is still solid – we will continue to strive to raise funds for education and advocacy for women in our community.